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Photo Credit: Anne Ohman 

Photo Credit: Anne Ohman 

Marji Zintz, Peaceful Parent Whisperer

My approach stems from these core values and principles, among others:

  • Children want to do well, and they do as well as they are able to do with the skills they have. So do their parents. We pretty much are all doing the best we know how to do. And, when we know better, we do better.
  • Everyone wants to be heard, no matter if you're 3 years old or 83 years old.
  • Before we can let go enough to be able to work on finding a solution to an unresolved problem, we need to feel heard and validated about our journey and the way we feel about it. Again, this is true for 3-year-olds, 33-year-olds, and 83-year-olds!
  • We cannot control anyone else; the only person we can control is ourselves (and many folks find that pretty challenging in itself).
  • The belief (and acting on the belief) that we can control someone else can cause much suffering for all parties concerned: the controller and the control-ee.

It has been my experience that embracing these principles has the effect of sticking a pin in the giant balloon of discord and contention that often prevents us from seeing and appreciating each other.

And, as the more experienced party in our parent-child relationships, it is up to us parents to take the lead and demonstrate for our kids what working toward a peaceful solution looks like and how to hear and validate. But, it can be tricky to demonstrate a skill for someone else that we haven't had much experience doing ourselves, right?  Especially when one feels hot under one's collar!

I know that there is real work involved in getting from wherever you may be right now to where you'd like to be in your parenting career. But, you're closer than you think. How do I know? You're here now, reading these words. You've already taken the first step!

A general description of what I do:

  • I am a life coach, a partner and co-creator who helps parents identify and uncover issues that keep families from having a peaceful home environment where everyone is heard, honored, respected, expectations are met, and everyone can thrive joyfully.
  • I work with my clients in a gentle, compassionate, and honest way to help them identify those things that may be keeping their family from reaching the fullest potential. In a one-on-one co-creative relationship that provides a nonjudgmental space, I support my clients as they figure out what's not working and what is so they can create a life that flows and feels wonderful.
  • I further help clients identify and acquire the tools needed to achieve their goals, consisting of positive steps to help clients understand and reframe their thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors. I also help clients identify and then free themselves from negative habits, acquire new methods of identification, and take positive actions to achieve their maximum potential!

By the way, this service is not limited to parents; anyone who would like support and a thought partner to jet through a challenge, achieve a goal, or make a dream come true is welcome and encouraged to contact me for more information!

I honor all mothers and fathers, regardless of biological connection, as well as mothers who, for whatever reason, have been unable to breastfeed their children. The Peaceful Parent Whisperer honors and supports all parents, all guardians, and all caregivers, and in doing so, all children.


More About Marji:

I specialize in parent coaching, maintaining a private practice in Olivebridge, New York, located in the Catskill Mountains*.  A mom and a retired La Leche League Leader, I have been helping parents since 1996, working with a broad spectrum of parents whose kids range in age from brand-new to teen-aged and older. In addition to being a professional parent whisperer and life coach, I am also a professional performing musician and have presented nationally, speaking on the topics of parenting, home education, and music.

Using a collaborative, solution-focused approach, I provide support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address a variety of parenting challenges, working together with clients to assess what's in their parenting tool kit, how well these tools are working, discard the ones that haven't been working so well, and replace them with effective tools that bring joy and fulfillment to the sometimes hairy job of parenting.

I also integrate coaching techniques and helpful assignments to offer a highly-personalized program tailored to my clients and their particular concerns and issues. With compassion and understanding, I work with my clients to help build on their strengths and attain the personal growth they are committed to achieving.


What's Next?

Contact me today (click the link or call 845 . 657 . 3111) for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation session or a sample coaching session (an actual coaching session, not at all a sales pitch) and start your journey toward achieving your dreams and living a life with your children that you both love!


* Even though I live in New York state, I am able to help people locally as well as anywhere in the world via phone and/or Skype/Gmail chat.

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