Group Peaceful Parent Coaching

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Group Peaceful Parent Coaching

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Group coaching... 


• Involves active interaction between participants for more support and perspective


• Involves a small group (3-10).  Six is ideal.


• Takes place over the course of six weekly sessions.


• Has a focus that is directed by each of the participants, not the coach, which is the individual goals of each participant


• Is not counseling or therapy 


• Makes real, personal support more accessible to more people, since it is more affordable for the participants than individual coaching


• Is inter-developmental, providing participants with a richer experience because of the diverse energy and ideas. Each member’s unique voice and perspective is honored


• Is accessed over the phone or via Skype.  And, each session is recorded for the participants' use


• Offers more “a-ha” moments—each member’s issues, insights and solutions are highlighted with brilliant clarity because their own experience is witnessed, triggered, and mirrored by other members in the group. This is what makes group coaching magical


• Offers collective wisdom—members come to trust and respect the enhanced wisdom that emerges from a well-facilitated and committed group


• Offers accelerated growth—members may progress faster, learn more deeply, and derive more joy from the journey. Long-lasting and deep connections between participants can emerge, as well


• Offers a safe place to stretch and develop—any sense of isolation or loneliness can drop away and be replaced with a sense of belonging and the sense of being heard, understood, and validated.


The cost is $15 per participant per week for a 1½-hour group coaching session for a 6-week block. Group size is limited to no more than 10 participants per group.


Offering various time and day choices to accommodate different time zones and availabilities.


Pay per week or receive a 10% discount when you prepay for all six sessions.


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Group coaching $15 per session per participant:
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Peaceful Parent Whisperer Group Sessions

I am blown away…I am so very grateful for you and the way in which you frame the universal feelings that I think so many of us have and don’t know how to really process or contextualize.
— K.L.

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