Are you:

  • The parent of an extremely volatile child who you feel has turned your home and indeed your world upside down?
  • Tired of saying "no" 18 gazillion times and not having a clue what else to do?
  • Confused about permissive versus restrictive parenting and not feeling comfortable with either approach?
  • Being lied to by your child?  Or, are you finding yourself lying TO your child?
  • Concerned because you feel you are "losing" your child?
  • Feeling overwhelmed and fed up about all you feel you have to do and not feeling any cooperation?
  • Feeling tired of the recurring battles around _____________ (fill in the blank)?
  • Missing the joy that you used to experience with your child and don't know how to get it back?
  • Confused about the best way to support your child in what she really wants to do?
  • Envisioning a path or a goal for your child but sensing extreme resistance?
  • Tired of all the fighting?
  • Tired of employing useless, ineffective parenting techniques that don't seem to "fix" the problem?
  • Tired of all the parenting advice that people throw at you that just doesn't ring true?
  • A person (parent or not) who is feeling a little stuck making a dream come true or getting project off the ground? 
  • Standing in the kitchen scratching your head, wondering, "What the heck just happened?"
  • Or, are you contemplating the feasibility of returning your child? 

If you answered yes to any one of these, let's talk. 

You can BE the parent you want to be. You can ENJOY being with your kids. You can create a safe space for cooperation, vulnerability, and peace. I help parents do EXACTLY that.

Contact me TODAY, and let's set up a consultation.  Don't put this off any longer.  Enough is enough.