Child Abuse Prevention Month...Day 14...The Power of Pivoting.

Here is a powerful technique you could choose when you find your are out of alignment with your own parenting ideals.  The text is below the image, for easier reading...

There are times when we find ourselves saying and doing things we wish we didn’t say and do. For whatever reason: we might be stressed or tired or hungry or in pain or just overwhelmed.  Or...there could be something else going on. And, we bark and maybe we bite.

Problem is, even when we know that’s not what we want to do, we get started down that path, and now we think we’re committed to that path.  Things deteriorate. 


We could choose to pivot.  We could just interrupt ourselves once we become aware that we’re not behaving the way we want to. We could choose to breathe, and we could choose to announce that we’re not living up to our own ideals. We could choose to apologize, take responsibility, do what we have to do to calm down, and then … just start over. 

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