Child Abuse Prevention Month...Day 17. "How Will You Remember?"

So... you have resolved to make the shift to being a more peaceful who responds rather than reacts, one who supports rather than undermines, one who models the kind of person she wants her kids to become. You have identified the kind of parent you would like to be. You have identified that when you yell and scream and rage and even hit, you feel terrible afterwards, and you have identified that feeling as a tip-off from your e-GPS that you are out of alignment with the way you wish to parent.

It's great that you intellectually and emotionally know and understand these things.  But...

In the heat of an extremely tense moment...when you are feeling stressed out, at your wit’s end, like you’re just about to explode… When you feel like you have No More Capacity for patience…

How will you remember to STOP!!...and press that pause button so you can take care of your Self?  How will you remember to do whatever you have to do to get your Self back together so you can be the parent you really want to be?

Today, while you’re calm and happy, would you be willing to make a workable plan for how you will remember to blow off steam safely?  What ideas do you have?  How will you remember to opt for them when you’re feeling like you’re going to do something you’d rather not do?  This is a conversation you have ... and a commitment you make with your Self.

Asking this important question and remaining alert for a good answer...and taking the steps it takes to create a durable plan (and, recognizing when it needs to be refined and being willing to go back to the drawing board), that's how you turn an ideal into a workable reality.

You are always in the driver’s seat.  

❧ ❧ ❧

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Marji Zintz, IFC-Certified Parent Coach
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