Four More Classes Being Offered...

Hey Folks!  

If you wanted to but weren't able to get in on one of the Making the Switch to Peaceful Parenting classes, I have good news for you.  Four new six-week teleclasses are now available.  Here they are (click each link to learn more and register):

The classes are for parents who WANT to stop yelling and being triggered by their kids' behavior, who want to be able to support their children and focus on joy, who understand that parenting doesn't have to be so contentious, who feel like they are out of alignment with the parent they want to be. The classes are for parents who find themselves threatening, bribing, and otherwise coercing their kids, and cannot find a way not to do those things. The classes are for parents who want to enjoy parenting! 

You might say that the classes are pivotal, in that they help people get their parenting back on the track they want to be on.  All it takes is an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to do some work. 

I would appreciate you sharing this information with your friends and your community because there may be someone who is craving exactly this class and doesn't know where to find it.  Thank you.

As always, both parenting partners attend for one tuition, not two. And, if the classes you see don't fit your scheduling needs, let me know what your scheduling needs are, and we'll see what we can work out. Just send me an email using this link.