"How do you do it?"

This came in this morning:  "Your positive thinking is an inspiration!  How do you do it?"

Here's my answer:

Me...in "school" with my most patient, wise, loving...and silly teacher! ♥

Me...in "school" with my most patient, wise, loving...and silly teacher! ♥

To answer your question, I got my Master's degree in Positive Thinking from the University of Being My Kid's Mom.

I learned everything I know about kindness, gentleness, and dropping my own unhelpful and negative stories and beliefs from watching my child cultivate joy while interacting with the world.

From the get-go, I believed that my child was bringing something to this world that hadn't been shamed or frightened out of him. And, I very much wanted to protect that natural wisdom and keep it whole for as long as possible. 

Mostly, I see my job as being kind and respectful, being my child's partner, and staying out of the way. And, I make sure that my thoughts and my actions align with those principles as best I can. I'm not perfect, so I slip up with a fair amount of frequency, but in the interest of being kind and respectful, I forgive myself and try to learn from it. 

Thanks for asking that question, because I had never really thought about it like that before. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to think about it.

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