Getting on the Same Page!

We have been talking about wanting new tools a lot lately and are so glad we found a class designed for this. We think it’s important for parents to admit to themselves that sometimes they need help and to seek it out rather than just forcing your child to submit and pushing forward.
— A participant in a Making the Shift to Peaceful Parenting class

One of the most contentious issues I have seen with parents is not being on the same page. One parent wants to pursue a peaceful approach, and the other parent balks. Then, they fight, and neither parent feels supported. And, it's very hard to parent effectively when you don't feel supported by your parenting partner.

What's the best solution? Well, if you ask me...I'd say it'd be take a class together!! 

I've made that easier to do by scheduling some of the Making the Shift to Peaceful Parenting classes at times when both parents could possibly participate in the live call. And, I have made sure that the pricing is affordable (both parents attend for the same price) and payment options are available.

Here are some new classes starting soon that may work for you:

what do we want respectful discourse.jpg

If none of those days or times work for you, let me know, because we may be able to schedule another time for you and your parenting partner to attend that would be Just. Perfect.

Here's what one parenting partner said: "Looking forward to the sessions coming up and exploring this further. It highlights to me how vital this work is to model for our kids what we wish for them."